The Lebenson Actuarial Services Staff

We are proud of our staff and are pleased to introduce each of them to you.


Christine Daillak, M.S.P.A., E.A.

Valhalla, New York Office

Chris is President of the Company, a principal of the firm and is directly responsible for the Valhalla office operations. She has been an Enrolled Actuary since 1991, and has over 20 years of experience in the employee benefits field. Prior to joining the firm in 1984, she held various positions at the Home Office of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

She is a Member of the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries, and has been active in a number of activities with that organization. Most recently, she was Associate Editor of ASPPA’s monthly publication, The Pension Actuary.

In addition to her management responsibilities for the NY office, Chris is also in charge of all internal systems and technology enhancements for Lebenson Actuarial Services.

Chris was born and raised in Armonk, N.Y. and still lives there. Chris went to SUNY Binghamton and received her degree in Mathematics. Chris loves to eat, cook, garden; she is devoted to her son Thomas, and also enjoys traveling with her family.

Mark Frydman, QPA

Las Vegas, NV Office

Mark Frydman is Vice President and Director of Operations of the Las Vegas office. He is a principal of the firm along with Christine Daillak.

Mark previously served as President of the Las Vegas Chapter of the Western Pension and Benefits Conference (WPBC) during 2001 and 2002. WPBC is an educational organization for employee benefit professionals, with chapters in eight western United States cities. Most recently he was appointed to the Western Regions TE/GE council, an organization that interfaces with the Internal Revenue Service on employee benefit plan matters.

In the community, Mark was President of the Nevada Diabetes Association through 2008, and now serves on their Board of Directors.

Mark was born and raised in Astoria, N.Y. He graduated SUNY Oneonta with a B.A. in Business and Psychology. He enjoys music, and spends as much time with his family as he can.


Theresa Wingender
Director - Retirement Plan Services

Las Vegas, NV Office

Theresa has the important responsibility of overseeing the administrative operations of the Las Vegas office. She is responsible for training, technical advice, workflow and setting the standards for work quality. As a senior member of the firm, Theresa also helps set Company strategy and policy.

She was born in Torrance, CA and raised in Orange County. Theresa attended California State University at Fullerton, graduated with honors, and received her degree in Finance. She has over 25 years of experience in the retirement plan business, and she brings to the Company a passion for detail and excellence. Theresa joined our firm in 1996.

Marie Reilly
Senior Retirement Plan Consultant

Las Vegas, NV Office

Marie manages the plan design, ongoing administration and consulting of the Company’s largest 401(k) clients. Her depth of knowledge in dealing with the unique issues of larger plans, combined with her 25 years of experience in the retirement plan business allow Marie to service her clients timely and effectively.

Marie was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts and was raised in Springfield. She has resided in Las Vegas for the past 18 years. Marie joined Lebenson Actuarial Services in 1997 and has been a significant contributor to the Firm.

In spite of leaving Massachusetts awhile ago, Marie has not lost her fire and passion for her beloved Boston Red Sox!

Angie Marcus
Retirement Plan Consultant

Las Vegas, NV Office

Angie has the important task of administering the Las Vegas office’s defined benefit pension plans. Typically complex, Angie unwinds the complexity with efficient administration and clear communication to her clients. Angie also handles many of the Company’s defined contribution and 401(k) plans.

Raised in Angeles City in the Philippines, Angie joined the Company in 1996. She worked her way up to Defined Benefit Plan Consultant and continues to grow and progress with the Company.

Given her druthers, Angie claims to prefer to do "nothing" (but we know better!).

Marie Pink, Q.P.A.
Retirement Plan Consultant

Las Vegas, NV Office

Marie is responsible for the administration and consulting on defined contribution and 401(k) plans. Marie has extensive background in all retirement plan types and has been a long time valued employee, originally starting in our NY office. Although no longer a full time employee with the firm, Marie’s qualified plan knowledge is helpful towards any service or project she is involved with.

Marie was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and raised in Petion-Ville. She graduated with a Mathematics degree with specialization in Computer Science from Mercy College in 1985 and started her employment with Lebenson that same year.

Marie spends some of her free time pursuing her favorite sport, tennis.

Shelle Rodack
Administrative Support

Las Vegas, NV Office

Shelle is a key 'behind the scenes' staff member of the Las Vegas office’s daily operations. Providing support to the Company at many levels, she supports the consultants in their roles and helps ensure the office functions smoothly.

Shelle was born and raised in Las Vegas. She lived in the Phoenix area 15 years where she received her B.A. in Fine Art from Arizona State University. Her passion is exercise!


Alfredo Salgado, M.S.P.A., E.A.
Senior Consulting Actuary

Valhalla, New York Office

Al Salgado is the senior technical actuary of the firm. He is the Company’s "backbone" of quality control and technical expertise.

Al has been with the Company since 1987, and has been working in the employee benefits field since 1976. He has extensive background in retirement plan design, administration and consulting. He became an enrolled actuary in 1976, part of the first group of actuaries to be so designated. He was previously the Vice President of Pensions at United States Life Insurance Company. Al has lectured at the Annual Conference of the American Society of pension actuaries in Washington, as well as participated in numerous conference functions.

Al was born in Baguio City in the Philippines. He attended the University of the Philippines and received a B.S. in Business Administration. Al loves to dance, and the rumor is he can really cut a rug!

Diane Connors
Retirement Plan Consultant

Valhalla, New York Office

Diane is responsible for administering and consulting on the Valhalla Offices’ defined contribution and 401(k) clients. Diane also partners with our senior technical actuary to work on the Company’s complex project work that is periodically provided. Although she is one of the "newer" staff members, Diane has had a strong and important impact to the Company.

Diane was born and raised in Valhalla, NY. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Pace University. She loves to camp, and root for the NY Yankees!

Ann Iwantsch
Benefits Plan Consultant

Valhalla, New York Office

Ann has been responsible for a multitude of Company functions over the years. Starting with the Company in the mid 1980’s, she has been providing support to the staff and administrative services to clients over that time period. Ann currently handles the NY office’s Cafeteria Plans, Health and Welfare filings, and special project work.

Ann was born in Dubuque, Iowa. She received a B.A. in economics from Grinnell College. Her favorite thing to do is to vacation with her family.

Nina Giardina
Administrative Assistant

Valhalla, New York Office

Nina has been a cornerstone of the Company’s internal operations since the mid 1980’s! Nina has handled many different jobs, and currently she handles Company accounting, time management, and serves as an administrative assistant to the President.

Nina was born and raised in White Plains, N.Y. Nina attended and graduated from the Berkeley College in 1986. She is devoted to her son, and loves to cook and bake.

In Memoriam

Judy Reddy
Retirement Plan Consultant

Valhalla, New York Office

The world has lost a beautiful person. Judy was a valued member of our firm, valued by her clients and missed by all.

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